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Areas We Serve

Alphabet Learning Center, serves the residents of Tampa, Florida.


ALC Staffs

This page is for the caring and compassionate staff of Alphabet Learning Center.

Shirley GrimaldoShirley Grimaldo
Position: Director/Owner/ VPK Teacher.
Working for Alphabet Learning Center since: 1991

Why I Love to Teach: I have strong desire to offer children all of the necessary opportunities for a successful learning environment. It is my priority to provide children with loving supportive teachers, a place where they can grow comfortably, and offer them a highly nutritious, balanced meal. With all of these factors in place, I ensure the children attending Alphabet Learning Center have all the tools to develop the skills they need for their future.

Carmen DiazCarmen Diaz:
Position: 1 Year Old Lead Teacher
Working for Alphabet Learning Center since: 2008

Why I Love to Teach: I love to teach the children because I want to prepare them for a better future. In this early stage of learning, it is very important what they gain in order to be successful in life. A child’s life must be full of love, joy and a trust., I have a strong connection with both my kids and parents, so with teamwork I strive to have the children reach this accomplishment in order to continue their journey to the next step. The future depends on the past, so giving them wonderful memories can guarantee a wonderful future.

Duvernis, RamirezDuvernis, Ramirez:
Position: 3 Year Old Lead Teacher
Working for Alphabet Learning Center since: 2015

Why I Love to Teach: I can write pages about why I love my job; I love help children achieve their best, Inspire kids academically and personally. There are so many funny stories daily; I’m able to explore diverse issues and situations every day; seeing how they grow is a great joy; I love kids and challenge of teaching, I love to know kids and interact with them: share the excitement of a good book; in general the feeling of accomplishment seeing then grow in knowledge, confidence and skills is just awesome,

Ariaeana, FitzPatrickArieana, FitzPatrick:
Position: VPK Secondary Teacher
Working for Alphabet Learning Center since: 2017

Why I Love to Teach: My number one reason I teach, and most people would say the most obvious one is because I love kids. Their energetic sprit and their unconditional love towards us as teachers is what drives me to walk into the classroom every day. Having the opportunity to help mold them into intelligent and respectful adults is a gift every teacher should appreciate. I am grateful for the career I have chosen, and wouldn’t trade it for any other.

Arisel, RodriguezArisel, Rodriguez:
Position: 2 Year Old Lead Teacher
Working for Alphabet Learning Center since: 2017

Why I Love to Teach:It brings me such happiness knowing when each child arrives they are full of excitement, and ready to start a new day. This excitement makes me feel like I am doing a good job and proud to be teaching our 2 year old class. I have one child who attend Alphabet Learning Center and he is very happy as well. I started working here since 2017, I have gained so much knowledge since.

Odalis BoliganOdalis Boligan:
Position: Substitute Teacher/ Cook/ Driver
Working For Alphabet Learning Center since: 2000

Why I Love to Teach: I have a genuine love for children. I have been working in child care for many years and have worked with all age groups. Although I work in the kitchen as our centers Chef, I can still share my love and passion with the children. I prepare healthy balanced meals daily because I believe that feeding children good nutritious food will help them develop a strong, healthy mind and allow them to learn and grow as they should. It always brings a smile to my face seeing them enjoy the delicious meals that I have prepared for them with lots of love.

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